Transportable cave

Transportable cave

Take your VR expertise on the road

Transportable cave

Take your VR expertise on the road

The transportable cave is a great solution for both new and experienced virtual reality users. It allows people who already own a cave or power wall to expand their capabilities by making the equipment and expertise accessible to their customers, colleagues, suppliers and other important stakeholders.

This technology allows people who currently rely only on head mounted devices (HMD) to begin exploring the benefits of a more collaborative and comfortable VR display solution. Being able to step into the cave with customers and colleagues while seeing each other and viewing content together is a major advantage of the cave compared to an HMD.

Work in a comfortable way, expand collaboration, see more detail

Compared to an HMD, any Barco cave solution will allow the user to expand collaboration, see more detail and work in a more comfortable, ergonomic way. The 3D glasses are lightweight, wearable over reading glasses, and allow users to still see each other and the environment around them.

The cave provides a simultaneous view of the content by multiple people in the same space. One key user is tracked and responsible for controlling the content, and others can be in the cave with the key user with all parties able to interact with each other. They can review the details of the project together in the same environment, tremendously enhancing the scope of collaboration.

Multiple projectors provide content — 3 in total for this system. Images are projected onto 2 side walls and 1 floor screen. The sides are cave-optimized rear projection screens to provide wide viewing angles and high contrast. The broader viewing angle combined with the millions of pixels from the projectors’ displays more detail and offers significantly more insight into the project.

The transportable cave makes all of the above possible, allowing you the flexibility of taking your VR expertise and your project on the road.

The concept of the transportable cave

The system is comprised of 2 sides and one floor screen. Major components include the projectors, the projector mounts, mirrors and the screens. Rear projection is applied on 2 sides, while front projection is applied onto the floor.

For each side, the major components are built inside a flight case, which holds the high quality rear projection screen, the projector, projector mount and mirror. Extra tools such as a ladder and shelves are mounted inside each flight case to make it a quick and easy process to set up and deploy the system.

The floor screen is stored in one of the side flight cases, with the floor-supporting structures located in the other side flight case. It is recommended to store projectors, lenses, cables in their boxes during transportation, for which another flight case is provided. A total of 3 flight cases is used, one for each side of the main cave structure and a third one for storage.


Download spec sheet
General specifications
(system in operation):
- 3.2m x 3.2m / 11ft x 11ft (w x d)
- 3.3m / 10.82 ft height
Note: it is recommended to foresee an extra 0.3m / 1 ft space on top for airflow
F70-4K6 3D
1600 x 1600 (per screen)
- #1: 3160 mm (w) x 1060 mm (d) x 2440 mm (h)
- #2: 2100 mm (w) x 1060 mm (d) x 2440 mm (h)
Screen size
2m x 2m

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