Upgrade to LED video wall

This product is no longer available.

All good things come to an end. This product is no longer available but our R&D teams have created newer ones with better specs.

RGB Laser video wall upgrade kit

Upgrade to an RGB Laser video wall

Upgrade your current video wall investment with improved brightness, color gamut and lifetime

About Upgrade to LED video wall

The introduction of LED as a light source has given rear-projection video wall technology a substantial boost. LED technology provides important advantages over traditional lamp-lit technology − and Barco is offering owners of legacy OV-D2 systems the opportunity to upgrade their system.
By simply integrating the new LED-based projection module and illumination unit into your existing mechanical structure, your system is ready for years of additional service without any architectural or physical impact to your environment. Moreover, the upgrade can be performed without system downtime and without operational downtime.

Why upgrade to LED?

Upgrading from lamp-based rear-projection to LED has 3 distinct advantages, making it a smart and future-proof move:

  • LED reduces your operational costs with superior Total Cost of Ownership
  • No more consumables (lamps) and related costs (lamp replacements, disposals, …)
  • Little to no scheduled maintenance needed during the first few years
  • No costs related to color (re)calibration and any related downtime
  • LED produces higher brightness and warmer colors − significantly improving your viewing experience
  • 3rd generation Barco LEDs produce 33% extra brightness for better visual ergonomics
  • Our OVL solid-state engines produce extremely vivid colors
  • Barco’s Sense6 technology provides automatic real-time color & brightness calibration for an optimal viewing experience at all times
  • LED is hassle-free: No downtime, no infrastructure changes
  • The upgrade is tailored to your current system, so your framework is maintained
  • All mechanical components stay in place, so no need for structural adjustments
  • Because our redundant systems allow us to upgrade one cube at a time, your video wall can be upgraded without system downtime.

An All-in-1 upgrade package

To safeguard your investment, without hidden costs, Barco offers you a complete upgrade package at an attractive price point:

  • A brand-new OVL engine
  • Possibility to upgrade your current video wall controller inexpensively
  • Extended warranty: Renew the 2 year factory warranty on your system (CAPEX) or get 5 years of extended warranty coverage (OPEX)

Flexible financing options:
CAPEX or OPEX, whichever is best for you!

Do you want to upgrade as soon as possible?

  • CAPEX: Full upfront payment for the upgrade, 2 years factory warranty on entire upgraded system
  • OPEX model 1:
    • Upgrade available in year 1 (after order)
    • Descending payment scale, spread over 5 years: 40% - 15% - 15% - 15% - 15%
    • 5 years extended warranty coverage


Why upgrade?

  • Safeguard your Barco investment for the future 
  • Benefit from 80,000 hours of LED lifetime
  • Enjoy the brightest picture and the warmest colors
  • Rely on a liquid-cooled LED system for 24/7 reliability
  • Benefit from a lower cost of ownership
  • Leave a small footprint with eco-friendly LED light sources

Upgrade to LED video wall

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