40,000 lumens, native 4K, 3-chip DLP RGB laser projector


40,000 lumens, native 4K, 3-chip DLP RGB laser projector

  • Pure RGB laser light source
  • Brilliant image with native 4K resolution and Rec. 2020 color performance
  • Modular design for cost-effective serviceability

The XDX-4K40 boasts 40,000 lumens of brightness, native 4K (4096x2160) resolution and a pure RGB laser light source. Suited to themed entertainment applications that require, and make use of, the higher resolution and color performance, the XDX-4K40 creates those WOW moments that keep visitors coming back for more.

Images that speak

Offering visitors crisper, more realistic images and with greater impact that create memorable moments. XDX-4K40 can create outstanding image quality that immerses audiences in the content for a truly believable experience allowing them to be engaged like never before; making the impossible possible.

Cost-saving design

The XDX-4K40 was designed with the priorities of the owner/operator in mind. They provide consistently high performance over a long period of time with minimal interventions and service required. And if the unthinkable should happen, the XDX-4K40 has easy to replace modules that can be quickly and easily swapped on-site by a trained technician. Even within the RGB Laser light source itself, individual ‘laser plates’ can be exchanged which means that maintaining the XDX-4K40 is both straight forward and cost effective.

Future proof

The high brightness, 4K native resolution and RGB Laser light source make the XDX-4K40 one of the most cutting edge projectors out there. Ready to satisfy the growing demands within the content creation community.

The new XDX-4K40 can be managed through Barco’s cloud-based Insights Management Suite with remote health condition monitoring which guarantees 24/7 uptime and increases the reliability of the installation




Download spec sheet
General specifications
Native brightness
40,000 lumens (typical)
Native contrast ratio
2000:1 (typical)
Digital MicroMirror Device™
3x 1.38” DC4K
native 4K: 4096 x 2160
Color gamut
DCI P3 (98.5% of Rec.2020; when measured in xy-color coordinates) - RGB light source
Prime lenses
0.72:1; 1.0:1; 1.13–1.72:1; 1.46–2.10:1; 2.00–3.35:1; 2.53–4.98:1; 4.98-7.69:1 High-brightness and High-contrast lenses compatible
Long-term brightness stability
40,000 hrs @ average usage conditions
integrated cooling design and patented sealed optical assembly
Dimensions (WxLxH)
Projector incl feet: 760 x 1470 x 612 mm/ 29,92 x 57,87 x 24,09 inches
206kg / 454.2lbs (weight projector in frame)
Power requirements
single phase or triple phase 200-240V 20A
Heat load (max. power)
12500 BTU/hr
Exhaust airflow
Ambient temperature
40°C/104F Max.
Ambient humidity
85% Max.
HDMI 2.0
Input Frequencies
max. 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz
Noise Level
50dB(A) @ 1m and @ 25°C ambient temperature
3D systems
Active glasses systems and polarization systems on silver screens are supported.
Color separation systems are not supported.
Safety requirements
Class 1 risk group 3
Power consumption
3.9kW (3W in Eco standby mode)
User interface
Touch Display and/or web based
24/7 operation
* For optimal performance, switch off the projector regularly. For details please consult the manual.

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