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Our joint solutions have been tested to work seamlessly together. With our trouble-free installation, plug-and-play features, and straightforward interfacing, it only takes a few clicks to connect to the world and collaborate like you’re in the same room. The range of wireless conferencing solutions from Barco ClickShare is designed to work wirelessly with your existing video conferencing system and AVer’s wide range of USB audio-visual peripherals – without the hassle of physically connecting them to your laptop using cables and adapters. This makes hybrid meetings as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings.

In the spotlight


High quality, expansive audio is delivered in an and easy to use all-in-one soundbar. The VB342+ is an affordable, enterprise grade USB soundbar optimized to bring an exceptional audio-visual experience to huddle rooms, executive offices, and small conference rooms.

CAM520 Pro 2

The AVer CAM520 Pro2 is an industry-leading conferencing camera designed for medium to large conference rooms. The AVer CAM520 Pro2 makes meetings a breeze with agile features like 18X total zoom, improved AVer SmartFrame, and enhanced camera management. Take your video conferencing experience to the next level with innovative features Sony True WDR, IP video streaming, and a PoE+ port.

TRZ lines

Make recording, broadcasting & streaming simple! AVer delivers the highest value, product quality and features with advanced auto tracking and live streaming-ready professional PTZ cameras. Perfectly suited for capturing and streaming in educational, business, medical, houses of worship or government environments.

Think hybrid, choose collaboration

AVer’s USB video conferencing products offer premium video that is vivid and crystal clear, with audio quality that makes you forget not everyone is in the same room. Cutting edge AI technology like AVer’s SmartFraming, which automatically puts everyone in the meeting into frame and shifts focus to follow the presenter, endorses effortless meetings and presentations.

ClickShare Conference completes your meeting room set-up, by accommodating perfectly for your BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) needs. Enter the meeting room, connect to AVer’s cameras and soundbars. You’re only one click away from starting a hybrid video conference from your own device, with your preferred conferencing platform (MS Teams, Zoom...). Simple, easy, wireless.


High value, high performance

AVer and ClickShare believe in innovative technologies to adapt to new hybrid challenges in the workplace to connect both in-room and remote workers.

  • AVer offers splendid audio and video quality and ingenious features like SmartFrame and SmartSpeaker to enhance your conferencing experience.
  • ClickShare Conference makes it easy to wirelessly start a call, share content and help users focus on what is truly important: effective collaboration.

Simple to manage and use

From installation to everyday use, our joint solutions are easy and straightforward. No need to get tangled up in numerous cables or train your users: ClickShare Conference connects automatically with AVer’s wide range of USB audio-visual peripherals, as your perfect out-of-the box solution.

Flexible solutions for all meeting spaces

Any room can become a hybrid collaboration room. Our joint solutions match the size and type of your meeting room: from huddle space to small and large meeting rooms.

Works seamlessly with your preferred conferencing platform

Our joint solutions are compatible with the conferencing platform of your choice. Setting up a meeting is easy, whether you use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business or any other platform.

Discover which combination of superior wireless conference solutions from AVer and Barco suits your meeting room needs. All tested and fully compatible.

Validated peripherals

Device Peripheral
conference firmware
Type Interoperability
CAM520 Pro3 0.0.9602.32 02.20 Room Devices Camera Certified
CAM550 0.0.8004.24 02.20 Room Devices Camera Certified
FONE540 0.0.7006.06 02.20 Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
MT300(N) 0.0.0000.38 02.20 Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Certified
TR2XX/TR3XX/PTZ2XX/PTZ3XXV2 series 0.0.0000.40 02.20 Room Devices Camera Certified
VB342 Pro 0.0.7804.26 02.20 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Certified
CAM130 0.0.7400.76 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible
CAM520 Pro2 0.0.7204.30 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible
CAM570 0.0.8102.48 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible
DL10 7.1.0049.51 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible
DL30 7.0.0049.51 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible
FONE700 0.0.8300.34 02.20 Room Devices Speakerphone Compatible
PTZ310 series/PTZ330series 0.0.0000.91 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible
TR3XX/PTC3XX series 0.0.0000.52 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible
TR3XXV2/PTC3XXV2 series 0.1.0000.65 02.20 Room Devices Camera Compatible
VB130 0.0.7302.16 02.20 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Compatible
VB350 0.0.8202.18 02.20 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Compatible
VC520 Pro2 0.0.7204.30 02.20 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Compatible
VC520 Pro3 0.0.9802.18 02.20 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Compatible

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AVer is an award-winning provider of visual collaboration solutions that improve productivity and enrich lives. From accelerating learning in the classroom to increase competitive advantage for business, AVer solutions leverage the power of visual communications to help people connect with one another to achieve great things. Our product portfolio includes Interactive Flat Panels, Document Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Soundbars, HD Video Conferencing solutions, Charge Carts, and Cabinets. We strive to provide industry-leading service and support that exceeds our customer's expectations.

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