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Bose Professional solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Bose Work solutions bring the simplicity and clarity of Bose to conferencing, so people can feel more together and get more done. Bose is partnering with Barco to make conferencing even simpler.

The Bose Professional conferencing solutions — including Videobar VB1, Videobar VB-S and the ES1 and DS4 ceiling audio solutions — are certified for use with Barco ClickShare Conference. The products seamlessly combine with the Barco ClickShare CX-30 or CX-50 wireless USB connection solutions for easy, intuitive, and clutter-free meetings that make the new era of hybrid work simply work for everyone.

In the spotlight

Bose Professional Videobar VB1

Bose Professional Videobar VB1 is an all-in-one USB videoconferencing device featuring a beam-steering array of six microphones, that brings premium audio and video to rooms up to 6 x 6 meters, With a 4K ultra-HD camera and signature Bose Professional sound, the VB1 delivers a meeting experience so clear you can read the room from across the globe, huddle up and get more done. that’s simple to set up, easy to use, and delivers a high-quality meeting experience—every time.

Validated peripherals

Device Peripheral
conference firmware
Type Interoperability
ControlSpace EX-1280C 2.710 02.19 Room Devices DSP-Audio Certified
ControlSpace EX-440C 2.730 02.19 Room Devices DSP-Audio Certified
Videobar VB-S 1.2.0 02.19 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Certified
Videobar VB1 1.5.0 02.19 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Certified

Company Profile

Founded on the belief that innovation begins with exploration, Bose Professional is dedicated to delivering a variety of solutions for an incredible sound experience. The company’s spirit of invention is focused on creating systems that are easy to design, install, and operate for performance, commercial, and conferencing applications.

From clear conference calls that get the whole team on the same page; to crystal-clear audio that helps students and teachers connect and grow together; to audio-enhanced spaces in hotels, retail stores, and houses of worship; we help our partners build unforgettable audio experiences.

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Bose Professional 

145 Pennsylvania Ave
Framingham MA
United States

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