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Video conferencing is now at your fingertips - literally. Using the i3TOUCH EX, PX, E-ONE, X-ONE, or i3SIXTY 2 combined with Barco ClickShare Conference, you can start a meeting with a click of a Button or using the ClickShare App. No training is needed, no touch panels to control, and no settings to be managed. “Bring Your Own Meeting” anywhere with ClickShare Conference. Share presentations from your laptop wirelessly on your i3TOUCH interactive display and connect to the i3CAMERA for even better hybrid meetings. It's as simple as plug-in, play, and collaborate.

In the spotlight

The i3TOUCH interactive display range includes i3TOUCH EX, PX, E-ONE, and X-ONE. This range offers an intuitive interface that allows you to present wirelessly, annotate, whiteboard, and video conference. All are equipped with our best multi-touch, high-precision technology, which gives you a natural writing experience, and the ability to connect multiple devices through one USB cable and come in a range of sizes such as 55", 65”, 75”, 86” & 98”.

The i3SIXTY 2 is a mobile, interactive display that can turn any space into a modern, collaborative workspace. With the i3SIXTY 2, you can toggle between landscape and portrait modes to optimally accommodate different meeting and presentation materials and create a seamless collaboration experience no matter where your meeting is.

Validated peripherals

Device Peripheral
conference firmware
Type Interoperability
E-ONE ANDROID 11 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
i3TOUCH P2 1.2.2 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
i3TOUCH X2 2.0.0 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
i3TOUCH X3 1.2.3 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible

Company Profile

i3-Technologies is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of interactive technologies for group collaboration and education. We ensure you can leverage your existing technology by building solutions that work in the way your teams want to work. Our innovative solutions bridge digital and analog environments, giving you technology that's easy to use and integrate into your existing infrastructure.

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