Angekis & ClickShare want everybody in!

Check the video to see & hear Blayne Sapelli, Marketing director at Angekis has to say about meeting equity & technology.

Blayne Sapelli, Marketing Director at Angekis, strongly believes meeting equity is central to the core business of everything they do and design at Angekis. As the nature of work changes, so does their product development in video and audio conferencing equipment. They offer cutting-edge solutions and features to make their philosophy "Everbody in, nobody out" a reality.


Everybody in, nobody out with Angekis and ClickShare Conference

Angekis is the leading hardware manufacturer of PTZ conference camera systems covering all meeting room spaces from huddle rooms to meeting rooms and boardrooms. Angekis cameras work perfectly in sync with ClickShare Conference, the agnostic, wireless conferencing system. Host a conference from your laptop with the UC&C solution of your choice, wirelessly using the room camera, microphone and speaker so all participants, in-room or remote, can be seen and heard perfectly. Enable team members in the office to truly connect with remote participants in just a matter of seconds.

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