Bose Work & ClickShare bring equity and simplicity to conferencing

Check the video to see & hear what Marty Bodley, Director and Global Head at Bose Work, has to say about meeting equity and technology.

Marty Bodley, Director and Global Head at Bose Work believes that technology is a key driver to create an equal playfield for meeting participants. It can give meeting users equal opportunity to contribute to the goals of the meeting. In hybrid meetings we need to mix the remote - talking heads - experience with the in-room dynamics to create one, seamless experience for all. And good audio is crucial in that experience. With audio as Bose Work's superpower, they continue to invest in enhancing the experience for remote participants in more inclusive meetings.

See more. Hear more. Work better. Bose Work and ClickShare Conference

Bose Work solutions help teams collaborate more effectively, moving beyond “good enough” audio and video so interactions are more natural and people can hear more, see more, understand more — and work better.  With ClickShare Conference, the agnostic, wireless conferencing system, you run better hybrid meetings from any laptop. Host a conference with the UC&C solution of your choice, wirelessly using the room camera, microphone and speaker so all participants, in-room or remote, can be seen and heard perfectly. Enable team members in the office to truly connect with remote participants in just a matter of seconds.

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