Interactive, equal experiences with i3-Technologies & ClickShare

Check the video to see & hear what Yves Roose, Business Development Manager from i3-Technologies, has to say about meeting equity and technology.

Yves Roose, Business Development Manager at i3-Technologies, talks about creating equal meeting experiences for everyone, no matter where they are located. With a demo on new i3 studio interface for the i3 touchscreens, he illustrates how i3 aspires to create environments where interactive and integrated solutions inspire human interactions ànd are extremely easy to use. Sound, image and touchback allow for easy presentations, even in a hybrid meeting.


i3-Technologies and ClickShare Conference create equal meeting experiences

Video conferencing is now at your fingertips - literally. Using the i3TOUCH EX, ES or PX(r) combined with Barco ClickShare Conference, you can start a meeting with a click of a Button or using the ClickShare App. No training needed, no touch panels to control, no settings to be managed. “Bring Your Own Meeting” anywhere with ClickShare Conference. Share presentations from your laptop wirelessly on your i3TOUCH interactive display and connect to the i3CAMERA for even better hybrid meetings. It's as simple as plug n' play and collaborate.

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