Lumens & ClickShare  together for better video experiences

Check the video to see & hear what Joris Nevens, General Manager of Lumens Europe has to say about meeting equity and technology.

Joris Nevens, General Manager at Lumens Europe gives his views on how meeting equity enables remote guests to be and engage like 'full' participants. Professional wide-angled camera's with intelligence framing are exactly the type of technology that can enable more meeting equity in hybrid meetings.

Keep everyone perfectly in frame with Lumens and ClickShare 

Lumens video conference cameras offer the end users an easy-to-use solution in a variety of meeting space options. With the Barco ClickShare Conference Button or App, everyone in the room can instantly see and hear remote participants via the video conference software and wirelessly share attendee laptop content.

Lumens and Barco provide corporate environments with a more interactive video communications experience in any workspace, from huddle and ad hoc spaces to all sizes of meeting rooms.

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