Collaborative experiences that work for everyone with Nureva and ClickShare

Check the video to see & hear what Nancy Knowlton CEO at Nureva has to say about meeting equity and technology.

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For Nancy Knowlton, CEO at Nureva, the concept of equity has taken a front row seat in discussion about hybrid work. Talking about hybrid work can get emotional, but actually we’re all on the same team, driving to the same objective, working with the same motivation. Connecting into a hybrid meeting should be easy, enjoyable and useful. With the latest innovations in conferencing hybrid meetings can be made easier, not harder.


Creating the flexibility you need with Nureva and ClickShare

Nureva audio solutions and ClickShare are working together to make hybrid meeting as easy as possible – so you can get down to the work that matters most. Spontaneous meetings aren’t held up by delays logging in. No one needs to touch screens or microphones. And remote team members can hear every word, regardless of where participants are in the room and the direction they face. Nureva audio conferencing systems and ClickShare are a great match for all mid-size and large BYOD spaces. Everything and everyone simply connects.

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