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Check the video to see & hear what Craig Hill, Head of B2B at Trust, has to say about meeting equity and technology.

Craig Hill, Head of B2B at Trust, sees the challenge for businesses on how they can create equal meeting experiences for meeting participants whether they are in the meeting room itself or whether they are remotely. Trust creates cameras that can help make meetings a fair experience for everybody. It's critical that everybody can be seen and with 4K ultra-high definition you always get crystalclear clarity. In addition, high-quality audio is crucial. Trust commits to bring high-quality, affordable solutions for more equitable experiences for all.

Everybody is looking their best with Trust and ClickShare 

The Plug and Play Iris video conference solution brings high quality audio and video into your meetings. With Barco ClickShare, make it Click and Play. Start a meeting from your device with a click on the Button. Create a wireless conferencing solution and make your conference meetings even more interactive. Let presentations flow seamlessly with full BYOD support. Trust Iris and Barco ClickShare work together seamlessly to make hybrid working as easy and accessible as it can be.

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