Vaddio & ClickShare bring everyone to the table, no matter where they are

Check the video to see & hear what David Albright, Product Manager at Legrand AV, has to say about meeting equity and technology.

David Albright, Product Manager at Legrand AV believes that meeting equity is simply the ideal that everyone in the meeting, wherever they are, can be seen and heard. These 2 important elements support a quality meeting for all, so that everyone can focus on the meeting and not worry about their experiences with supporting technologies. Meeting equity is directly linked to the culture of an organization, providing connection and belonging. Without the right investment in technology to support meeting equity, compagnies risk alienating remote and hybrid employees. However, companies that do invest, are setting them up for long-term success. Conference room design needs to be optimized to better accommodate collaborative hybrid meeting. 

Transformative video conferencing and collaboration with Vaddio and ClickShare 

Vaddio video conferencing cameras, a brand of Legrand AV, and Barco ClickShare Conference offer a truly brilliant hybrid collaboration experience for all your huddle, meeting and boardrooms. The video and audio equipment is easy to deploy, easy to manage and best of all, easy to use. That’s why pairing Vaddio’s solutions with ClickShare Conference is the easy choice for UC conferencing. Simple, easy, wireless. That’s how ClickShare Conference shares the apps from your laptop on the room display and connects them to the display and the Vaddio conferencing camera in the room for better hybrid meetings.

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