Why you should join the Trade in program?

1. Pre sales
  • Promote the Trade in offer to your customers
  • Suggest to your customers the solutions ClickShare has to offer
2. At distributor
  • Register the Trade in project
  • Request the Trade in claim ID
    Please contact us if you have any issues requesting the Trade in claim ID.
  • Order the new ClickShare devices at reduced prices after closing sales with your customers
3. With customer
  • Install the new ClickShare devices at your customers' premises
  • Take the old devices if the pick up address is set to your address 
  • Fill in the form with all necessary information 

If you can already fill in the online webform before installing the new devices, that is also possible. If you do not fill in the online webform in time, you may risk being invoiced by the distributor for the full price of the new units.

Overview of the ClickShare Trade in Program

Which ClickShare products can you get in return?

Get an overview of all eligible devices.

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