ClickShare Video Bar range

The ClickShare video bars enable engaging, effortless collaboration in small and medium-sized hybrid meeting rooms with any videoconferencing platform straight from your laptop via the ClickShare Button or App.  

But which one suits you best? Compare the models below to find the model that meets your meeting room requirements.


ClickShare Bar Pro left with 2 Buttons

ClickShare Bar left with Button

ClickShare Bar Pro

ClickShare Bar Core

Wireless conferencing capabilities built-in
Automatically connect your laptop to the room equipment so start meeting with one
click via the ClickShare Button or App.
Buttons included
more buttons means more participants can host a meeting wirelessly, easily
collaborate and share content.
Sources included on screen
number of participants that can share content at the same time.
Support for dual screen
Display people and content on two separate screens atall times for
inclusive collaboration.
Camera with 4K sensor and 120° FOV
Remote participants a sharp and extensive view of the meeting room.
AI-powered video capabilities: composition and group framing
Guarantee every in-room participant is perfectly visible to the remote attendees.
Advanced video capability: speaker framing 
Zoom in on the speaker for a more detailed view.
High-quality audio functionalities:  6x MEMS microphones, stereo speaker,
background noise and acoustic echo cancelation
Enjoy crystal-clear audio, minimize distracting sounds and echo.
Touchback, annotation and blackboarding
Collaborate interactively and make meetings more engaging and productive.
Wired roomdock for 4K content sharing
Share high-resolution content and connect to the room peripherals with
the wired connection.
Lower your organization´s carbon footprint and reach your sustainability goals.
Seamless, cable free (Button & App), no additional training needed
Guest-friendly & flexible
Smart meeting flows for smart meetings
Bring your own device (BYOD)
Built-in sustainability: carbon-neutral
Free 5-year warranty thanks to SmartCare
Easy and remote management thanks to XMS Cloud
Enterprise-grade: secure, processes are in scope of Barco's ISO27001 certification, centrally managed & network integrated
Discover ClickShare Bar Pro

Discover ClickShare Bar Core

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