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Seeing is believing... and we can't wait to show you! We want you to experience Barco CTRL's ease-of-use and installation, strict security, and overall power yourself. During this live demo we can immediately answer all your questions, so you can find out why Barco CTRL is the right choice for your organization.

What can I expect?

  • Demos available at Barco HQ, at a Barco regional office or virtually
  • Direct explanation from an expert, ready to answer all your questions
  • Virtual demos are live. So no video edits, no commercial clips, but a real hands-on demo 
  • Get a personal explanation, tailored to your needs and industry

Where to see Barco CTRL live at work?

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Get an impression

"My takeaways from this solution are that Barco CTRL really simplifies workflows, deployment and serviceability. The concept of security coupled with simplicity can be real game changers in our mission-critical group."

Chris Reeve

Vice President, Diversified - Critical Infrastructure Group

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