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Better insight into oil exploration and drilling

Oil production needs a careful and very strict preparation phase. A virtual stereoscopic image of the underground oil and gas field significantly helps engineers to visualize the challenges associated with drilling. Barco’s quality VR systems offer the reliability and detail needed to accurately simulate the real-life production circumstances and thus minimizing risks. Leading oil companies all over the world rely on our technology to speed up oil production and reduce costs.

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Helping produce and transport over 15 million barrels of oil every day

Barco's 3D visualization solutions for the Natural Resources market comprise of complete Cave, Powerwall and VR Canvas systems for Group VR, allowing optimal collaboration. The combination of 3D images and the possibility to still see each other (in contrast to Head Mounted Device systems), make sure that discussions can be comfortably conducted, and decision can be made more swiftly.
What's more, Barco's VR Canvas is the first VR solution for meeting rooms, allowing to combine regular meeting content with 3D visuals. In this way, the VR Canvas becomes the ultimate tool for Natural Resource exploration and decision-making.

Benefits for the Natural Resources market


  • Reservoir simulation
  • Well planning
  • Real Time Operation Centers
  • Seismic researh
  • Collaboration between disciplines
  • Virtual training
  • Risk assessment


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