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Designed for 24/7 energy distribution monitoring

Utilities providers have the huge responsibility to bring vital services like electricity and water to the public and industry. In order to guarantee production and distribution in the best possible way, Barco enables to visualize all dynamic data. This includes not only detailed electricity grid information, but also maps that depict the area serviced. Our control room solutions provide operators with the necessary tools to perform their critical tasks, 24/7.

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A complete portfolio of visualization solutions

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Having a complete overview of the distribution network and total control of all assets, is the key purpose of a transmission control center. Production of both renewable energy sites and traditional power plants can be controlled from a single location. Water networks can be monitored to make sure there is no massive loss. Also natural gas grids can be closely watched, to prevent gas leakage.

Only the most reliable and best-in-class visualization and media management systems can provide an overview of the situation at any time. With a track record of many decades in control room solutions, Barco understands what is important for utilities companies. We have designed our portfolio to reflect these needs, in terms of reliability and return on investment (ROI).

Bringing the best in all video wall technologies

Barco is one of the few manufacturers that offers all of the dominant video wall technologies (rear-projection, LCD and direct-view LED). In this way, we can answer all application needs with the perfect solution - without being restricted by the portfolio. Transmission control centers often use static, SCADA content of the system operations, sometimes mixed with live video footage related to the transmission system. This requires specific solutions, which are all available within our product range.

Future-proof technology

Barco’s innovative TransForm N media distribution platform is designed to be network-centric, industry compliant and have an open interface. In this way, the system is flexible, scalable and modular. Stakeholders can consult the needed information in real-time. This includes the operators in the control room, the vice president in a boardroom, but also remote workers in the field. The system is created to operate for many years, and allows for new technology insertion whenever needed.

TransForm N is also designed to interface with many leading 3rd party systems and is compatible with a large number of AV & ICT source types. This makes sure that you can build your infrastructure with the best components available in the market. Last but not least, security is embedded, as is expected for critical infrastructure architectures.

Visualization in all its facets

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