Providing a complete situational overview

To ensure the continuity of your day-to-day operations, you need to be able to detect every security issue or potential threat in time. At any time (24/7), your security operations center (SOC) needs to stay in control of your operations, whether you need to monitor site security, collect threat intelligence, steer response teams, or prevent cyber-attacks. 

Keep your organization free from threats

When you need to keep your organization free from threats, you want a video wall system you can count on. You need solutions that help you make critical decisions based on images that remain accurate and truthful all day.

Respond and resolve faster

Barco’s visualization solutions make it possible to collect and display all relevant security information and event data in real time in a workspace that is tailored to your needs as an operator. You can access all information, even from disparate secured networks, with a single keyboard and mouse. Barco also makes it easy to safely share video and data across your organization, in and out of your control room. 

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