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In recent years, many churches have incorporated audio visual technologies to engage their congregation with better sound reproduction and visual acuity. But is that enough to bring worshippers back to the post-pandemic church? 

The best way to captivate the congregation is through a rich production filled with imagery and visuals. With the growing advancement in AV, churches are now able to create engaging environments, garner participation and evoke that deep emotional response for all worshippers.

Connect and unite through on-site and online platforms

With the rise of digital culture, churches are adopting technologies to create a borderless and united community. These communication and collaboration tools help to increase digital and physical interaction and participation which is so vital to grow the church. Sunday school classes can be conducted via unified collaboration solutions through a hybrid classroom. Committee meetings can be held with its members wherever they are. 

Technology enables the hybrid church offering a space for worshippers in person and digital.

Inspiring experiences in a hybrid church?

Barco’s hybrid church solutions aim to enable visually captivating outcomes for your on-site worshippers as well as improve connectivity and promote collaboration with online members. From input to output, we have solutions to create and enhance this experience.

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Barco has a comprehensive set of visualization and processing solutions at your service to create the most elevating spiritual experiences that bring joy and inspiration to everyone.

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