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When visiting theaters, science centers or theme parks, tourists and visitors are always looking for that unique experience that stands out. They are no longer satisfied to be mere spectators on the sidelines - they want to be involved through interactive stories and immersive adventures. Give them that unique memorable trip they can't stop talking about.  

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A whole new world

The popularity of theme parks mainly lies in their escapist character. Visitors love to be captivated in an alternate reality where they are indulged in pleasure and diversion. It's the creation of this individual atmosphere that will make you stand out.

Families want to be entertained. Visitors want to be blown away. And so theme parks are turning to innovative technologies to create these magical and unforgettable experiences.

Keeping the magic alive

Now, in order to keep the illusion of that new reality intact, you need solutions that are essentially invisible. Theme park technology should serve your creativity and story, not the other way around.
At the same time, you want high-performing equipment that withstands the warmest summers and harshest conditions, for thrilling experiences all year long. 

With Barco's visualization and processing solutions you can keep you magic alive - ride after ride, day after day. 

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