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Looking for a premium meeting experience for your premium rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms, matching the expectations of your C-level? Meet Barco’s portfolio of secure, stunning and seamless collaboration, display and visualization solutions that offer both high quality images and hassle-free, interactive wireless collaboration, wireless presentation and wireless conferencing.

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Boost collaboration in the boardroom

It’s all about creating wow-moments for your executive board members and giving them a set of straightforward, reliable tools to power-up their decision-making. At the same time you want to give ease-of mind to your IT department as well. Boardroom solutions need to be flawless, up and running at all time, no extra support or training necessary. In the end, everyone saves time to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

You know the requirements of  your board of directors. We know our portfolio of high-end solutions. Together, we can design the optimal solution that creates your desired impact and tailored to your needs. Combine your content with our future-proof and cost-effective visualization and collaboration technologies for a smart, stunning boardroom meeting experience - today and tomorrow.

ClickShare. Wireless Presentation

Designed with security in mind, ClickShare wireless collaboration and presentation solutions are the perfect fit for any type of large enterprise boardroom, meeting room or conference room. Both guests and executives have the freedom to share any way they want: with the Button or Desktop App. Collaborating becomes seamless, instant and with only one-click. Our futureproof boardroom solution and conference room presentation solution with features like moderation brings an unrivalled, interactive & effective experience matching C-level requirements. 

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ClickShare Conference

ClickShare Conference is the meeting solution for seamless, wireless conferencing in all your meeting rooms, conference rooms or boardrooms. Connecting instantly from your laptop or desktop in just a matter of seconds, you can  work with your conferencing platform (UC) and your brand of AV peripherals. Enjoy an immersive meeting experience and get higher engagement from both in-room and remote participants. Collaborate easily with the Button or Desktop App. Invest in a wireless conference room solution that enhances remote and flexible ways of working. 

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Narrow-bezel LCD boardroom video walls

The award-winning Barco UniSee, our nearly bezel-less LCD platform, takes a completely new approach to truly seamless LCD boardroom video walls. Barco’s narrow-bezel solutions are a step up in terms of image quality, color calibration and brightness, but also in swift installation precision, ease-of-servicing, and reliability

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LED Videowalls

Barco’s high quality technology visualization solutions cover a range of Direct View LED products. Different sizes and resolutions tailored to your needs, will create a boardroom video wall that really stands out.

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Installation Projectors

For flexibility and choice, it’s hard to beat Barco’s range of fixed installation projectors for executive rooms. Available in various configurations, sizes and weight, our user-friendly portfolio provides the robust framework for all kinds of setups, small or large. Get the exact resolution you need with superb quality and precision. 

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Presentation switchers

Seamless switching between sources has always been a must-have in the event industry. Why should delivering high-quality image processing and swift switching of content be restricted to that market? In fact, any professional in the workplace could benefit from having a presentation switcher in a high-end boardroom, lobby or multi-purpose auditorium to maximize the impact of corporate communication. 

The PDS-4K is a powerful and easy-to-operate tool for flawless presentations, sure to impress and have a lasting impact. Compatible with all the familiar high-end Barco visualization and collaboration solutions, like ClickShare CSE-800, Barco’s projection, LCD & LED portfolio.

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