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Is your company part of the 88% that is already benefiting from the dynamics of huddle meetings? Then you know that investing in the right tech to support this seamless, spontaneous meeting trend for small meeting areas is crucial. Videoconferencing is no longer primarily done in large conference rooms. Nowadays you can work in smaller spaces with more specific teams with the same capabilities. Barco’s collaboration and visualization solutions for huddle spaces bring secure, creative and flexible experiences to your enterprise.

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What is a Huddle space?

A huddle room is a small meeting room, designed specifically for 2 up to 4 persons, ideal for short, face-to-face catchups, instant brainstorms with a small group, stand-ups, quick (hybrid) meetings or ad hoc calls with remote team members or suppliers. This type of huddle meetings is no longer just face-to-face, they are hybrid very often.

This small space is not bookable, which makes it a very flexible and spontaneous solution for hybrid team collaboration. A quiet meeting space, away from noise and distractions, where productivity is high and on-the-fly meetings give an immediate boost to teamwork.

The huddle space is designed around technology and fully adapted to content sharing, hybrid and unified collaborative workflows.

Small room, big benefits

Huddle rooms make your workforce more engaged and productive. But what exactly are your benefits as an organization?

  • Increase team productivity and engagement as you allow collaboration for a small group of colleagues. Huddle is a creative, flexible, straightforward and intuitive way of meeting with all the tech tools ready-available. Perfect for focus-work.
  • Make optimal use of office space, without the extra cost. This small, creative collaboration space is clean, clutter free and wireless. It doesn’t distract, and attention is fully on the topic of the meeting, call or conversation and it utilizes every, forgotten or underutilized office space.
  • Allows for flexible and hybrid work. Small pods and spaces can be used for any type of work and meeting. They can be occupied fast & easily, since no booking or reservation is needed to slow down the work. They are the ideal places to have a short videocall and connect with remote workers for hybrid meeting.
  • Bring your own device. In a huddle space technology is perfectly adapted to work, sharing and presenting from your own devices, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Tips to create the perfect huddle space

Simplicity is key in a huddle room. The essentials are limited, so this type of room is inexpensive to equip:

  • A (stand-up) table. Chairs are optional
  • Small LCD monitor
  • Video conferencing solution with the option for wireless content sharing
  • An all-in-one device (speaker & camera in one)

As 2/3 employees say huddle spaces are the best office spaces for meetings, organizations can benefit from adding ClickShare into huddle spaces. The agnostic, wireless room system let users run one-click, swift hybrid meetings from their laptop. No cables, no hassle. More flexibility and more engagement make better hybrid meetings, even in the smallest meeting room.

ClickShare Present

ClickShare Present, the agnostic, wireless presentation system, truly makes sharing content effortless in any meeting room. You can share presentations, videos and platforms without having to mess with wires, cables and adapters. It’s making presentation simple, easy and wireless, for employees and guests.

Share your screen to the meeting room display with the ClickShare Button. Collaborate with the ClickShare App to capture key moments of the meeting with snapshots. Enjoy interactivity features like touch-enabled support, blackboarding or annotation. Enjoy the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and access screen sharing from any employee device using Airplay, GoogleCast or Miracast. 

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ClickShare Conference

With ClickShare Conference, our agnostic, wireless conferencing system, you easily turn any space into a hybrid meeting space. Run better hybrid meetings from any laptop. Host a video meeting with the UC&C solution of your choice, wirelessly using the room camera, microphone, soundbar and speakers so all participants, in-room or remote, can be seen and heard perfectly. Smart meeting flows guide you towards intuitive, stress-free meeting. Connect with remote participants in a matter of seconds with our wireless conference room solution.

You bring video conferencing to a whole new level in any meeting roomhuddle space or boardroom. Compatible with the largest number of brands and solutions in te market, working with both Button or App for easier hybrid collaboration.  Unlike a traditional conference system, a video conference in any meeting space with ClickShare Conference is simple, easy, wireless.

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