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My base unit can not be added to CMGS (1.x) [KB5067]

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When adding a device, the following error can be displayed "This device can not be managed by CMGS".

CMGS uses the API and port 80 to connect to the Base Units.

Verify bi-directional ports 80, 4000 and 4001 (TCP) are open.

Make sure the REST API password of the Base Unit only contains alphanumeric characters and was not changed in the local Base Unit web interface. Occasionally the API password is corrupted during an upgrade.  Please re-enter the password.
Changing the Password on CMGS does not change the password on the Base Unit. 
If the base unit password was changed it must be modified in CMGS, this is a global setting --> all base units are required to have the same API password. (Note that wePresent passwords are not user-changeable).
  • Change the password globally for CMGS under Security - Base unit password
  • Change Clickshare API Password in Base unit under Security - Passwords - Clickshare API Password
  • The wePresent WiCS-2100 API must be enabled under System and Service - Service Management - Management - enable API (checkbox)
CMGS supports Clickshare:
CSE-800, CSE-200, CSC-1 and CSM-1
WiPG1000s, WiPG1000P, WiPG1600, WiPG 1600w, WiPG 2000S, and WiCS2100 

The CSE-200+ is not supported by CMGS. Please evolve to XMS 2.x or use the local admin URL.


Last updated Nov 19 2019

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