ClickShare Network Integration Whitepaper


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28 aug '19

ClickShare CSC-1 , CSC Base Unit , ClickShare CSM-1 , ClickShare App , ClickShare Button , ClickShare USB-C Button , Set of 2 Buttons and a Tray , ClickShare CS-100 , ClickShare CS-100 Huddle , ClickShare CSE-200 , ClickShare CSE-200+ , ClickShare CSE-800

Release notes

This update of the Network Integration Whitepaper contains the major items of the latest 1.8.1 ClickShare firmware:
- Adaptations to network integration in the Configurator: separated Button integration and Base Unit configuration
- CSE-200+: Wireless Client Mode to connect the Base Unit to the network via Wi-Fi
- CSE-200+: Dual Network capability via Ethernet & Wi-Fi
- CSE-200+: Miracast R2 P2P support as a new way of BYOD sharing

Version history

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