Spare parts F32 series


Spare part lifecycle

Application software

Fixed lenses

Lens Ultra Wide Angle Fixed (EN12) (R9801218)
Ultra Short Throw lens FLD+ 0.28:1 (EN68) (R9802232)

Front projection

GP3 Exhaust Kit, black (R9801377) End of service
WB1920 Imange processor (R9801223) End of life
WB2560 image Processor (R9801224) End of life

Spare part kit

Infitec Ex Premium 3-D Glasses (R9801293) End of service
Infitec Premium 3-D Glasses (R9801292) End of service

Upgrade kit

309 Lamp Door Indicator Left Black (R9801278) End of life

Zoom lenses

Hemispherical lens (1-19036) up to WUXGA (R9801206)
Hemispherical lens (HR95) up to WQXGA (R9801205)