Spare parts FL35 series

This product is no longer available, please take a look at this alternative.



Spare part lifecycle

Fixed lenses

Lens Wide Angle Fixed (High Resolution) (EN42) (R9801226)
Ultra Short Throw lens FLD+ 0.28:1 (EN68) (R9802232)

Front projection

GP3 Exhaust Kit, black (R9801377) End of service
WB1920 Imange processor (R9801223) End of life
WB2560 image Processor (R9801224) End of life

Spare part kit

Projection Lens EN68 Ultra Short Throw (R9802223)

Upgrade kit

309 Lamp Door Indicator Left Black (R9801278)
X-PORT DCC 120 (Dual Channel Combiner, 3D) (R9801232)

Zoom lenses

Hemispherical lens (1-19036) up to WUXGA (R9801206)
Hemispherical lens (HR95) up to WQXGA (R9801205)
Lens Long Throw Zoom (High Resolution) (EN44) (R9801211)
Lens Standard Zoom (High Resolution) (EN41) (R9801216)
Lens Ultra Wide Angle Zoom (High Resolution, Long Focus) (EN45) (R9801220)
Lens Ultra Wide Angle Zoom (High Resolution, Short Focus) (EN46) (R9801221)
Lens Wide Angle Zoom (High Resolution) (EN43) (R9801230)