How to use ClickShare Conference with Microsoft Teams ?

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This article describes how to set up a video conference call using a ClickShare Conference Base Unit with Microsoft Teams.

With ClickShare Conference remote participants see and hear everything that's happening in the meeting room and also the meeting room participants can see and hear remote participants. 

Three easy simple steps to take:

  1. Plug a ClickShare Conferencing Button into your laptop.
    It automatically connects your laptop to meeting room audio and video devices.
  2. Join a Microsoft Teams conference call.
    Everyone in the meeting room will hear the remote participants via the meeting room audio devices and the remote participants can see and hear everything in the meeting room coming through the meeting room camera and microphone.
  3. Push the ClickShare Conferencing Button to share your call with the meeting room display.
    The meeting room participants can now see and hear the remote participants.


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Last updated Aug 25, 2023