How to deploy the XMS Virtual Edge OVA file for Oracle VirtualBox?

Article number: [2432] - Legacy code: [9775]

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Deploying XMS Virtual Edge OVA file on Oracle VirtualBox

  1. Click the File menu and then select Import Appliance... from the context menu.

  2. Select the OVA file to import and click Next.

  3. Check the Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards checkbox and then click Import.

  4. Once the Import is done, new VM shows up in the list. Right-click on the VM and select Settings... from the context menu.

  5. Change the network settings:
    Click Network in the left pane.
    Select Bridged Adapter from the Attached to drop-down menu.
    Select the correct adapter from the Name drop-down menu.


  6. Right-click on the VM and select Start.
    The console of the VM shows the IP address of XMS Edge after a few minutes.


Last updated Jun 3, 2024