How to use the QAWeb Agent silent installer

Article number: [3141] - Legacy code: [856]

Installation and upgrade:

Installation modeCommand line script
Silent installation or upgrade via setup.exe

setup.exe /s /v/qn

Silent installation which automatically points to the correct QAWeb Relaysetup.exe /s /v"RELAYHOSTNAME=yourhostname /qn"

Use the scripts as-is. They are case sensitive and the spaces between the various options must be correct.

Some more info about the different command line switches:

  • /s only hides the initial dialog window
  • /v is needed for adding any extra parameters
  • /qn makes the install quiet (no dialog windows)


Use the following command line to uninstall a QAWeb Agent from a workstation:

msiexec.exe /qn /x {FDA4BA56-BCE2-4AA7-82B9-C828F988550D}

See linked article for the use of command line parameters for installing QAWeb Agent with specific options.

More information about installation options can be found in the attached QAWeb Agent installation guide.


Last updated Aug 1, 2023