Different ClickShare Conference Interoperability levels explained

Article number: [3384] - Legacy code: [11733]

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The list of working peripherals given on the supported peripherals overview page is a non-exhaustive list of USB cameras, USB speakerphones, and touch panels that have been tested by the ClickShare development team and/or the partner's development teams. This list is divided into two categories:

  • Certified: These devices are validated (tested firmware is mentioned) through our partnership program by both Barco and the partner every time we release a firmware version. This is the list of devices that we actively support through our vendor partnerships and are the recommended devices to use in combination with the ClickShare Conference.
  • Compatible peripherals: These devices have been tested by our compatible partners (tested firmware is mentioned if info is available) and have been found to work. The compatibility of the devices will be tested from time to time.

In case the peripheral is not mentioned by name, there is still a great chance that it works since we support the generic USB standards, but no guarantee is given by Barco that these devices work perfectly or will continue to work in the future and will not be actively supported when issues arise.

Please note: Subscribing to the ClickShare products will send you alerts via mail about new documents, firmware releases and also updates to the list of supported peripheral devices. More info on how to subscribe can be found in How to get E-mail Alerts from myBarco.

More information about the compatibility, capabilities, and restrictions of the ClickShare Conference system with third party peripherals can be found here: What peripherals can be used with ClickShare Conference in the meeting room?


Last updated Aug 16, 2023