One-Click Join experience with the ClickShare Desktop App

Article number: [3440] - Legacy code: [11518]

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Whether you’re at your desk, in the meeting room, or working from home: one click is all you need to start your next meeting!

The ClickShare Desktop App now shows you the upcoming and ongoing meetings you can join, based on your personal calendar.

With one click, you’ll connect to the meeting room, join the video call, or both if needed.


One Click Join requires version 4.9 or higher of the ClickShare Desktop App to be installed and is only available on Windows.

Until version 4.11 only the 32-bit version of Microsoft Outlook is supported today. Since version 4.12 64-bit Outlook is also supported.

Microsoft Teams links are supported as of ClickShare Desktop App version 4.9. Zoom links are supported as of ClickShare App version 4.10. Since version 4.12 MS Skype/Lync, Webex by Cisco, Lifesize, Starleaf, Slack and BlueJeans is also supported.

How it works

Based on your Outlook calendar, the ClickShare Desktop App shows you the meetings about to start (less than 15 minutes) and those that are underway. The App takes care to only show the meetings you can join:

  • Calendar items with a conference call link 
  • Calendar items with a location specified

By hovering over the meeting in the App, the location of the meeting is shown. 

Old user interface

New user interface

By clicking on the Join button, the App will now start connecting to the meeting room and/or the conference call, based on the calendar information.


Last updated Jul 30, 2023