I cannot see or use the Room Camera or Room Speakerphone when using the ClickShare Button

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When installing or changing a ClickShare Conference setup, it can happen that the ClickShare Button does not expose the peripherals attached to the Base Unit. This means that whilst a camera or speakerphone is attached to the Base Unit, they are not visible in your UC&C tool (e.g. MSFT Teams or Zoom or other).

Why this happens:

To enable the flexible configuration of a meeting room, the Button will only expose the type of peripherals to the PC which is supported and connected to the Base Unit, see here for the supported peripherals list. If there is only a camera attached to the Base Unit, then the Button will not expose a speakerphone device to the laptop and UC tool. To enable this flexibility, the Button will receive a configuration from the Base Unit which the Button will apply when it is being plugged into the PC.

When the setup is changed and the Button has not been updated with the new configuration, you will have either missing or extra peripherals on the Button and in your UC&C tool.

How to resolve:

The configuration on the Button is updated when the Button receives an update from the Base Unit and it is applied when the Button starts up again.

Updating the Buttons can be done in two ways:

  1. Update happens automatically when the Button is being used. This takes about 5 minutes (approximately) and the new configuration will be applied when the Button starts up again. Effectively, this will happen when the Button is unplugged from your PC and plugged back in. 
  2. By plugging the Button into the USB port of the Base Unit. This is the fastest way to do so and the preferred way when installing a new setup or when changing the room configuration (e.g. when you change the peripheral or add e.g. a camera to the Base Unit).

Barco recommend always re-pair your Buttons manually after having installed the Base Units into the meeting room or when the room configuration changes.

Note: If still encountering the issue, please contact Barco Support by raising a service ticket (how to: see  KB 6024).

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Last updated Feb 29, 2024