XMS Cloud vs XMS (V) Edge vs CMGS

Article number: [3620] - Legacy code: [9809]

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The table below provides a side-by-side comparison between our XMS Cloud and XMS (V) Edge and CMGS.


FunctionalityXMS CloudXMS (V) EdgeCMGS
Smooth integration of ClickShare Base Units into the company network
Health & status monitoring
Scheduling of software updates
User management
Clone configuration
Remote wallpaper installation
Support for the ClickShare 
Enhanced security with support for device certificates 
Secured Cloud access from anywhere  
Dashboard and notifications  
Multi-site overview with a Location tree  
Device Templates  
Insight and Reporting  
User role management  


Info! CMGS is End Of Life since 31/12/2019. For optimal support on recent ClickShare devices/firmware versions, we advise you to please upgrade to XMS (Virtual) Edge or XMS Cloud. More information can be found here.


Last updated Dec 13, 2023