XMS Virtual Edge requirements

Article number: [3628] - Legacy code: [9776]

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XMS Virtual Edge is a software to monitor and manage ClickShare devices, it is available as an Oracle VirtualBox, Hyper-V or VMware compatible OVA file. A fresh install of XMS Virtual Edge 2.x must use a virtual machine created from this OVA.

Initial deployment -> a DHCP server must be accessible by the virtual machine, the image needs DHCP to initialize, it can be changed to static after the system registers.


  • See KB 1879 for 'How to deploy the XMS Virtual Edge VHDX file for Hyper-V'.
  • See KB 2432 for 'How to deploy the XMS Virtual Edge OVA file for Oracle VirtualBox'.
  • See KB 2433 for 'How to deploy the XMS Virtual Edge OVA file for VMware'.

The OVA file defines the following (recommendation) for the virtual machine: 

  • Number of Virtual CPUs: 4 Cores (in the hardware version processor is Intel Core i5, 7th generation)
  • Amount of RAM: 4 GB
  • Size of Hard Disk: 40 GB (preferred thick provisioning, although thin will work)


  • XMS Edge has no firewall inbound rules (there are no inbound connections that traverse the firewall)
  • Only outbound rules are required (see referenced KBs for external destination URLs that need to be in the Firewall exception list) 


  • ESXi requirements: ESXi 6.5 and above are supported
  • vCenter requirements: none 
ESXi version vCenter version   
No vCenter, directly on ESXi6.


Last updated Oct 4, 2023