Where can I obtain the Service Provider code which is requested during my QAWeb Server signup?

Article number: [3877] - Legacy code: [KB7839]

What is a Service Provider (in QAWeb Server context)?

The Barco Healthcare business model is not a direct model. We work via partners and resellers to bring our products to the market. In many cases, these partners or resellers also act as a first line service for Barco Healthcare products they sell.

To be able to better support our products, these partners can also have access to the QAWeb Server to see the installed base they sold and with this information, they can troubleshoot potential issues better. To make this link between the end users (Facility) and the partner (Service Provider), each facility must be linked to a Service Provider with a Service Provider code.

How to obtain this code?

There are two preferred ways to obtain this code:

  1. Ask your partner/reseller service contact person for this code.
  2. Should you not know who to contact or should this person not know the code, you can contact our Barco customer service team. Find your local contact via: https://www.barco.com/en/support

I don't want my partner/reseller to see my information. Is this possible?

We do respect your privacy and therefore it is indeed possible to not link to an external service provider. For this purpose, Barco has set up specific regional Barco service provider accounts. By linking to one of these specific Service Provider accounts, you can rest assured that no one but selected and certified Barco Healthcare employees can see your information. Please make sure to explicitly mention this when requesting a Service Provider code from your local Barco contact.


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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