New Relay V1.11.03 needed for new installs due to new Globalsign certificate for

Article number: [4985] - Legacy code: [9629]


A new relay version 1.11.03 is available and required to install new relays.

Already installed relays on an older version will keep on working.

Problem description

On 28 July the current SSL certificate to secure and authenticate the QAWeb 1 website will expire. As usual, we will update the certificate with a newer one that will remain valid for another 2 years.

Because of the intermediate certificate of Globalsign (in order to validate the full certificate chain) has changed, the current relay installers will not be able to register anymore. Currently installed relays will keep on functioning as after initial registration is not used anymore by the relay (this URL is only used for initial registration) and the relay will use which uses another SSL certificate.

When using an older version, the final step of the relay installation will fail with an error and the installer will roll back, see picture below.

In the installer log files located under c:\\QAWebRelayInstallLog you will see that the final step fails (registering the relay):

From "installationReport.txt":

Installation Step[Register the relay with the server] started
Installation Step[Register the relay with the server] failed

From "relayinstaller.txt"

24 jul 2019 09:27:39,695 [main] ERROR impl.DefaultRegistrationService - Exception accured with registration.

com.barcoview.mis.utils.http.HttpException: An exception occured during a http operation

         at com.barcoview.mis.utils.http.AbstractHttpMethod.execute(


Caused by: unable to find valid certification path to requested target





         ... 27 more

24 jul 2019 09:27:39,701 [mailn] INFO install.InstallRelayHelper - Install relay helper exits with status: -2


Therefore, for new relay installations, the new relay version 1.11.03 is required.






Last updated Aug 2, 2023