ClickShare new button Base Unit dependency

Article number: [5644] - Legacy code: [12673]

Applicable to

A newer revision (i.e. GEN 4.1) of the ClickShare Button is available for the ClickShare CX-series and C-series Base Units. GEN 4.1 Button will only work in combination with Base Units running firmware version or higher.

Info! Prior to FMW 02.13.02, the GEN 4.1 button might not always connect automatically to the "best" WIFI access point. It's advised to upgrade your base units to FMW 02.13.02.


New Button vs old Button: how to differentiate

The newer ClickShare Button, with the minimal Base Unit requirement, can be differentiated from the older Buttons via either revision number or the model’s number. Revision and model can be found on the bottom of your Button.

Button modelsRevision no:Models no:
GEN 4.0 (old Button)Lower than 13R9861600D01C
GEN 4.1 (new Button)13 and higherCSBTN004


Info! Trying to pair a newer Button with a Base Unit running version 2.11.1 or lower will result in a “Pairing Failed” message.

Important consideration:


Does the newer revision have an updated VID/PID? 

No, VID and PID are identical.

I bought a new Base Unit which came with a Button, do I need to check compatibility? 

No, a Base Unit with included Buttons is always compatible out of the box.

Will the older revisions still be supported in newer Base Unit releases?

Yes, Buttons with an older revision will keep working fine with the newer Base Unit releases.


Last updated Jan 3, 2024