How to configure auto update on your ClickShare Base Unit

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Configuring the auto-update function makes sure you always have the latest firmware on your ClickShare system, never missing out on any new features.

If your ClickShare Base Unit is connected to the internet via the company network, the automatic update function, which is turned on by default, will keep your Base Units up-to-date.

See the video-tutorial and procedure below, to change this setting:


  1. Log into the ClickShare Configurator. 
    For more information on how to connect to the ClickShare Configurator, please see [KB11142]
  2. Click Support & Updates > Firmware Update.
  3. Set Automatic Firmware updates to Automatic and click Save changes.

Updating the firmware through XMS:

We recommend the use of the XMS (Cloud) Management Platform to perform firmware updates for large numbers of ClickShare Base Units across one or multiple sites. For more information on XMS, please refer to the information pages for XMS Edge, XMS virtual Edge and XMS Cloud. A good overview of the differences between these systems (and the obsolete CMGS) can be found here: [KB9809]

See [KB11511] for information on "ClickShare Base Unit firmware update using XMS Cloud". 

More information on the use of XMS cloud can be found here: [KB9552]

See the XMS Edge user manual for information "ClickShare Base Unit firmware update using XMS Edge"


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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