What is Wired RoomDock?

Article number: [7294]

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Wired RoomDock is a feature of the CX-50 Gen2 where the user can share high resolution and frame rate content and connect to the room audio and video over a wired connection.

Connection setup overview

  • One or two screens
  • No ClickShare specific drivers or app’s need to be installed



Important! Make sure that the laptop USB Type-C™ port of the Base port supports display port alternate mode.


To start using Wired RoomDock, connect the USB Type-C™ port from your laptop to the front USB Type-C™ port of the Base Unit. 
If your laptop USB Type-C™ port does NOT support display port alternate mode, you can also use the USB Type-C™ port on the Barco HDMI-in to Type-C converter kit (R9861581), for details see KB 7199.


Tip! For information about the cable type used with Wired RoomDock, see, KB 6726.


Before Wired RoomDock can be used, it must be configure it in the Base Unit Configurator (Display & Audio > Input). For more information please check the installation manual .



Caution! This will disconnect any other sharing sessions to the Base unit.


Last updated Dec 18, 2023