My QAWeb Enterprise Agent shows a "Not Connected" status, how do I solve this?


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It might happen due to network-related reasons (security, settings...), that the connectivity between QAWeb Enterprise Agent and QAWeb Enterprise gets interrupted unexpectedly.

In QAWeb Enterprise Agent:

Connectivity issues are shown in the QAWeb Enterprise Agent GUI as following:


On QAWeb Enterprise Server:

Connectivity issues can also be seen on QAWeb Enterprise Server, in Assets --> Workstations


  1. Launch a Connectivity Test 
    • Go to C:\Program Files\Barco\QAWeb\barcoconfig.exe 
    • Select the Tab "Connectivity" 
    • Is the Status set to Registered? If not, please register the QAWeb Enterprise Agent first. You can find information on how to do this in the installation section from the Online User Manual 
    • Launch a Connectivity test as shown below. All tests should show an 'OK' status. 
  2. Restart the QAWeb Enterprise Agent 
    • See how to restart it in KB11219
  3. cURL Check 
    • Simple tool to execute HTTP requests. It can be used to test if a webservice is reachable 
    • URL:
    • Unzip the file to the workstation 
    • Run qaweb-curl-check.bat
    • Example when the firewall blocks the connection to port 443: Timed out . The solution is to contact the IT Department to allow outbound HTTPS traffic (name-based whitelisting) 
    • Example certificate problems - Sometimes the network inspects SLL certificates and performs some manipulation for security reasons. The solution would be to ask the IT department to add an exemption from SSL inspection for this URL 
  4. If the problem persists, please collect the QAWeb Enterprise Agent Log files (KB9560) and contact the Barco Customer Service Team (KB5034



Last updated Mar 31 2020

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