How to install QAWeb Agent so it finds the QAWeb Relay in your network automatically


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Follow these simple steps to make an installation package which will connect your QAWeb Agent to the QAWeb Relay automatically after the installation:

  1. Find out the hostname or IP address of the QAWeb Relay.
  2. Download the latest version of QAWeb Agent (see linked KnowledgeBase article)
  3. Extract the installation files in a short path such as C:\Temp\QAWebAgent\
  4. Browse to the folder where you will find the setup.exe file
  5. In this folder, create a new file and name it 'InstallWithRelay.bat'
  6. Open the newly created file and add the following line to it: setup /v"RELAYHOSTNAME=xyz" where you replace the 'xyz' with the actual hostname or IP address of the QAWeb Relay.
  7. Save the file
  8. To install QAWeb Agent now, right-click the file, choose 'Run as Administrator' and follow the rest of the wizard.
  9. After the installation, log in to the QAWeb Server and check if a 'Workstation not registered' issue was created for this particular workstation.




Last updated Nov 06 2019

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