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XMS Virtual Edge is a software to monitor and manage ClickShare devices It is available as an Oracle Virtualbox or VMWare compatible. OVA file. A fresh install of XMS Virtual Edge 2.x must use a virtual machine created from this OVA.

Initial deployment -> a DHCP server must be accessible by the VM, the image needs DHCP to initialize, it can be changed to static after the system registers.


  • How to deploy the XMS Virtual Edge OVA file for VMware? See [KB9774]
  • How to deploy the XMS Virtual Edge OVA file for Oracle VirtualBox? See [KB9775]

The OVA file defines the following (recommendation) for the virtual machine: 

  • Number of Virtual CPUs: 4 Cores (in the hardware version processor is Intel Core i5, 7th generation)
  • Amount of RAM:  8 GB
  • Size of Hard Disk: 128 GB
  • ESXi requirements: ESXi 6.5 and above are supported
  • vCenter requirements: none 
ESXi version  vCenter version   
No vCenter, directly on ESXi 6.0.0 6.5.0 6.7.0
6.0.0 Incompatible Incompatible Incompatible Incompatible
6.5.0 Compatible Incompatible Incompatible Compatible
6.7.0 Compatible Incompatible Incompatible Compatible



Last updated Jul 01 2021

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