ClickShare CSE-200 base unit firmware v1.5.1.2


362.74 MB

27 dec '17

ClickShare CSE-200

Release notes

=== Remark ===
  • To be able to use the mobile devices in Corporate Network mode, after updating to v1.5, the user needs to check "Enable over LAN". Please refer to

=== Things we fixed ===
  • When upgrading a CS-100 or CSE-200 Base Unit to 1.05.00 and network connected, in a non /24 network, the base unit will not have the correct subnet mask (as DHCP client) resulting in the Base Unit not being reachable - by CMGS or ClickShare Configurator. This results in the base units’ web UI not being reachable anymore and the buttons not being able to reach the base unit in Corporate Network Integration. Updating will require one to have a device in the same subnet as the Base Unit or update through a USB thumb drive.
  • When upgrading from 01.05.00 to a higher version the base unit may not accept the update (workaround: enable Allow firmware downgrade and the update will continue)

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v1.5.1.2 (selected) public 362.74 MB 27 dec '17 Direct download
v1.5.0.12 public 363.35 MB 14 dec '17 Direct download
v1.4.2.12 public 363.6 MB 13 sep '17 Direct download
v1.4.0.105 public 361.64 MB 23 jun '17 Direct download
v1.3.4.8 public 360.5 MB 04 apr '17 Direct download
v1.3.1.5 public 344.39 MB 26 sep '16 Direct download
v1.3.0.29 public 342.62 MB 29 jul '16 Direct download
v1.2.2.3 public 365.43 MB 19 may '16 Direct download
v1.2.1.1 public 386.26 MB 02 may '16 Direct download
v1.2.0.1 public 364.77 MB 08 apr '16 Direct download
v1.1.0.8 public 383.13 MB 18 feb '16 Direct download

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