ClickShare CSE-200 base unit firmware v1.5.0.12


363.35 MB

14 dec '17

ClickShare CSE-200

Release notes

=== What's new in this release ===
  • Start your meeting quicker
    The time before a Button is ready to share when plugged into a personal computer has been drastically reduced with 30%. That's a lot more time to share brilliant ideas or work on bright outcomes.
  • Perform during your meeting
    Enjoy real end-to-end 30 frames per second with audio and video in perfect harmony. Our adaptive algorithm makes sure you can stun your audience during your meeting.
  • Plug and update
    Download the update for your Base Unit from the Barco website. Extract the zip file and put it on a USB stick without re- naming. Plug the USB into your Base Unit and enjoy the newest release. Of course, you can also update your fleet using the auto-update functionality or the Collaboration Management Suite. This is only applicable after updating to 1.5.
  • Auto-discovery
    Adding your Base Unit to the Collaboration Management Suite has never been easier. Now all our CSE-range Base Units support auto discovery when plugged into the network and running the Collaboration Management Suite centrally.
  • Mixed mode
    Sharing through mobile devices has never been easier. You can now enjoy sharing over the wire while the Buttons still connect to the Base Unit directly. Hence without configuring network integration. To do so, simply browse to the Services page on the ClickShare Configurator WebUI and select "Enable over LAN".

=== Things we fixed ===
  • (Alpha)numeric passcode
    • We now use the standard passcode support included in the Airplay protocol. But it left us no choice then to drop the alphanumeric passcode, which is officially not supported. Hence security level 2 now uses numeric passcodes by default.
  • And a lot more
    • Added the ability to retrieve the MAC address of the Button via the ClickShare Configurator webUI
    • Fixed an issue where the ClickShare Button Client crashed on macOS
    • Fixed an issue where an update would fail until reboot
    • Fixed an issue where the auto-update server could not be reached if the Base Unit had a manual IP configuration
    • Fixed an issue where the IP address of the Ethernet interface was not displayed on screen
    • Fixed an issue where the Button sometimes was unable to connect to the Base Unit.
    • Fixed an issue where the notifications on Windows or macOS were wrongly displayed because of a long meeting room name
    • The following CVE's have been fixed with respect to the Krack Attack vulnerability
      CVE-2017-13077: Reinstallation of the pairwise encryption key (PTK-TK) in the 4-way handshake.
      CVE-2017-13078: Reinstallation of the group key (GTK) in the 4-way handshake.
      CVE-2017-13079: Reinstallation of the integrity group key (IGTK) in the 4-way handshake.
      CVE-2017-13080: Reinstallation of the group key (GTK) in the group key handshake.
      CVE-2017-13081: Reinstallation of the integrity group key (IGTK) in the group key handshake.

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v1.5.0.12 (selected) public 363.35 MB 14 dec '17 Direct download
v1.4.2.12 public 363.6 MB 13 sep '17 Direct download
v1.4.0.105 public 361.64 MB 23 jun '17 Direct download
v1.3.4.8 public 360.5 MB 04 apr '17 Direct download
v1.3.1.5 public 344.39 MB 26 sep '16 Direct download
v1.3.0.29 public 342.62 MB 29 jul '16 Direct download
v1.2.2.3 public 365.43 MB 19 may '16 Direct download
v1.2.1.1 public 386.26 MB 02 may '16 Direct download
v1.2.0.1 public 364.77 MB 08 apr '16 Direct download
v1.1.0.8 public 383.13 MB 18 feb '16 Direct download

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