Welcome to this Barco Diagnostic Imaging, Digital Pathology Asociate Program

This certification program introduces Barco, Barco’s Digital Pathology solution, and how to obtain and request support.

The goal of this program is for you to understand why you would use a medical grade display over a consumer display, be familiar with the key features of Barco’s Digital Pathology display and how to set-up, install, configure, and troubleshoot this display.

You will be introduced to the MDPC-8127 Digital Pathology Display, Barco’s Quality Assurance software QAWeb Enterprise, and you will learn how to obtain product, technical and sales support from Barco. 

This program consists of several modules, all of which must be completed in order to achieve certification. This is a self-paced program, which should be completed within 4 weeks from starting the program.

For any video or document-based items, you need to mark them as completed yourself once done.

For any formalised items ie E-learning & Classroom based learnings, these will be automatically marked as complete,  once you have completed them.

There may be a mix of mandatory & optional modules. Optional modules are offered as additional interesting information for 'inspiration'.

You will see your progress as you complete the different items. Please work through each section in turn and complete a section before moving to the next

In case you have already taken one of the formalized learning items (e-Learning/Classroom) in the last year, they will be marked as already completed; you will not have to redo them!

    On successful completion of this program, you will receive the Barco Diagnostic Imaging “Digital Pathology Associate” Certification
    Target Audience

    Barco employees and Barco partners.

    Targeted Roles: Sales professionals, Business development, Pre-Sales support, Solution architects

    Optional: Technical Sales, Support/Service professionals




    Goal: On completion of this online program you will have a good knowledge and be able to talk confidently with key stakeholders on the Barco Digital Pathology product offererings.

      Barco certified

      On successful completion of this program, you will receive the Barco Diagnostic Imaging “Digital Pathology Associate” Certification

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      Training format: Learning program
      Duration: This is a self-paced online program, however we recommend completion within 4 weeks. Duration of each module is approximately 10-15 min. Total time to complete program-approx. 2-3 hours.
      Price: Online course offered FOC
      Spoken language: en

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