This course starts with an overview of Barco’s projector portfolio, listing all options and the unique features and pointing at the specifications on-line. During the second part of the training, you learn how to install, configure, set up, align, and maintain Barco’s PULSE based projectors in a display system, with special attention to Barco’s UDM and UDX series.


Day 1


• Projector portfolio
• Features, options, specifications
• Safety (summary)
• Requirements
• Main projector modules
• Lens installation
• Mechanical installation
• Connections
o Power
o Communication
o Source
• Establishing communication
• Controlling the projector

Day 2


• Mechanical alignment
o Orientation, tilt
o Shift
o Zoom / Focus
o Scheimpflug / Back focus
o Convergence

• Warping 
• Color calibration & matching
• Blanking & soft edge
• Black level correction

Day 3

• Brightness matching / CLO/FLEX
• Source alignment
• Stereo 3D alignment
• Operational modes
• Projector Management Suite (summary)
• Maintenance
o Filters
o Cleaning
o Back-up
o Software updates

• Basic troubleshooting
• Certification test

Target Audience
Technical sales professional, Installation engineers, System integrators, Product experts, Application engineers


  • Barco high brightness safety training
  • Knowledge of or experience in ProAV projection basics
  • Basic knowledge about network communication configuration (IP address; subnet mask; WiFi)
  • Laptop with administrative rights (to install the control software)
By the end of the course, you have all information to choose the correct projectors in a variety of applications design and you can set up Barco UDM and UDX projectors (and by extension all PULSE based projectors) in a multi-projector display system.

Barco Certified Specialist

After successfully passing the test participants receive the Barco Certified UDM-UDX Product Specialist certificate.
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Training format: In-Class training
Duration: 3 days
Price: €1500 / $2000
Spoken language: en

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