Spare parts UDX-4K26

Article number: R9008984


Spare part lifecycle


Fixed lenses

TLD+ lens 90° Ultra Short Throw (0.4:1) (R9801661)


Pulse Quad Combo Input (DP1.2 HDMI2.0 DUAL HDBaseT Quad 3G input) (R9864001)
Pulse Quad Combo Input Mk II (DP 1.2, HDMI 2.0, 2x HDBaseT, 4x 12G/3G SDI) (R9864003)
Pulse Remote Control Unit (RCU for HDX 4K, UDX, UDM, F70, F80 and F90) (R8769195K)
SFP Input card (Small form-factor pluggable Input card for Pulse) (R9802253)


Lens accessories

Lens cover set for all TLD + lenses (excluding 0.73 and 4.5-7.5 lens) (R9801148)
Lens cover set for TLD+ (0.38:1) lens (R9801804)
Lens cover set for TLD+ (0.65-0.85:0.8-1.16) lenses (R9801803)
Lens cover set for TLD+ (0.73:1) lens (R9801147)
Lens cover set for TLD+ (4.5-7.5:1) lens (R9801149)

Lighting Controllers

HEAD MMS-100 W/SERVER (Moving mirror system with media server) (56010005) End of life
HEAD MMS-200 (Moving mirror system) (56010006) End of life

Mounting kit

Rigging Frame for cooler (For HDF W30LP, UDX) (R9801646) End of life
Tubes & Cables for external cooler (R9801769)
UDX Multifunctional Frame (Adjustable rigging frame) (R9801194)

Network boards

SFP+ fiber transceiver module (12G) (R9009250)
SFP+ fiber transceiver module (12G) (R9801782)


Spare part kit

24V filter board (For Laser Phosphor projectors) (R7681283K)
ELCA Box without input boards (Pulse Input & Communication module) (R87679001K)
Radiator connection hose (for UDX) (R9801775)
Single point adapter plate (For UDX Rigging Frame) (R9801952)
Synthetic dust filter set (for UDX) (R9801437)
UDX Light Processor Actuator cabling set (R5002047K)
UDX Peltier to Light Source Connection (R5002046K)
UDX Pump / External cooler cabling (R5002045K) End of service

Upgrade kit

3D Polarizer for dual RLM (R9864220) End of life
Distance meter + camera kit (For UDX and UDM) (R9801770)
Lens Holder adapter plate (for UDX series projectors) (R9801961)
Pulse GSM module (For HDX 4K, UDX, UDM and XDL) (R9864031)
UDX Multifunctional Frame motorization upgrade (R9801755)
WiFi Module (for the Pulse Input & Communication Unit) (R9801766)

Zoom lenses

TLD+ lens (1.50 - 2.02 : 1 for SXGA+) (1.39 - 1.87 : 1 for HD) (R9862010)
TLD+ lens (2.02 - 2.77 : 1 for SXGA+) (1.87 - 2.56 : 1 for HD) (R9862020)
TLD+ lens (2.77 - 4.51 : 1 for SXGA+) (2.56 - 4.17 : 1 for HD) (R9862030)
TLD+ lens (4.51 - 7.53 : 1 for SXGA+) (4.17 - 6.95 : 1 for HD) (R9862040)
TLD+ lens (7.50 - 11.2 : 1 for SXGA+) (6.93 - 10.3 : 1 for HD) (R9829997)
TLD+ lens 90° Short Throw (0.68-0.87:1) (R9862001)
TLD+ lens Ultra Short Throw (0.8-1.16:1) (R9801414)
TLD+ lens Ultra Short Throw (1.16-1.49:1) (R9862005)