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About Barco rental projectors

Events are growing with more elaborate visual content providing a higher level of immersion, engagement, and excitement. Our projectors are the perfect and flexible solution to bring that extra dimension to the live experience.

Barco's constantly growing range of single-chip and 3-chip DLP® laser projectors for venues and events covers a large spectrum of brightness levels, ranging from 12,000 up to 75,000 lumens. 

Designed with the road in mind, these rental projectors create a stunning show on every occasion.

The UDX projectors helped us exceed audience expectations, reduce the amount of time needed for setup and cut down crew costs. And despite the event’s tight time schedules, the complex setup and demanding conditions, the Barco team performed excellently and offered fantastic onsite support.

David Barton

Group Head of Video at Hawthorn

The little extras that make the difference

Live events come in different flavors. It’s an industry which calls for versatile solutions. To support creativity, efficiency and reliability in the most diverse setups, the Barco portfolio features a full suite of tools, rental peripherals and little extras. The little extras that make the difference. The Projector+.

G lens (0.65 - 0.75 : 1) Short Throw for G60 - R9802300


From ultra short throw to long-throw… Find the ideal lens for your projection set-up in just a few clicks with the Barco lens calculator. 

UDX projector in rental frame, truss-mounted

Third-party accesories

In working together with our global network of trusted third-party partners, we guarantee you always get the best and the brightest!

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Benefit from a total modular service solution guaranteeing worry-free outcomes for all parties involved.

Scroll through the video series with projection expert Alexis Skatchkoff to learn more about the available tools. 

Stories from the rental community

2023 · India

Statue of Belief – Nathdwara, Miraj Group makes projection mapping a reality using Barco solutions

Miraj Group operates across industry verticals and caters to millions of customers in India. One of its most notable endeavours is the Vishwas Swaroopam project, which features the projection mapping on the Statue of Belief - the fifth-tallest statue in the world at a towering height of 369ft.

2023 · Shanghai, CN

Recreating Zhang Yuan: Barco projections restore the historic landscape

Covering an area of 43,800 square meters from Nanjing West Road in the north to Weihai Road in the south, Shanghai Zhang Yuan is the largest Shikumen complex in Shanghai with the most diverse architectural styles, which has nurtured numerous modern Shanghai cultures and brought together many memories of local Shanghainese alley life. As the epitome of the development and transformation of Shanghai's new-style public culture, Zhang Yuan combines projection technology with artistic creation to present a projection mapping exhibition, "Six acts of the light show - Centennial Zhang Yuan". Not only does it take on a new look at conservation and renovation, but it also provides the audience with an immersive experience of old Shanghai sentiments.

2023 · Shanghai, CN

Barco projections light up ‘Well-being together’ campaign in Shanghai

Located on the north side of the Garden Bridge, is one of the 14 modern historical and cultural heritage buildings on the Bund. As the tallest skyscraper in old Shanghai, this old building was once the best viewing platform overlooking both sides of the Pujiang River. It has not only witnessed the historical changes of Shanghai Bund but has also been revived with its original appearance and modern aesthetics.

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