Jun 14, 2023

Barco updates services portfolio for control rooms

Kortrijk, Belgium, 14 June 2023 – Barco, a world leader in control room visualization solutions, has reworked its services offering for the control rooms market. Firstly, the company reworked the SmartCare offering, which includes the Video wall Management Suite. This cloud-based remote management platform allows to monitor and manage Barco’s latest generation of LED, LCD and rear-projection video walls from a central location. Through this tool, users can consult the status and health of the video wall components, and they can be alerted upfront of anomalies which could eventually result in a potential issue or failure. Additionally, Barco introduces EssentialCare for Secure Sites, a service offering that perfectly answers the specific needs of highly secure control rooms.

Control rooms are mission-critical environments that need the highest level of uptime possible. And if something should go wrong, a very fast resolution is essential. Barco, already renowned for the reliability of its products, always looks for ways to minimize the risk of issues and to improve the speed to resolution.

The Video wall Management Suite, part of the SmartCare service offering, allows secure connectivity to the video walls. With alerts and critical notifications, the service organization can quickly diagnose, troubleshoot and if need be, escalate cases to Barco’s R&D teams – significantly dropping the MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve). In this way, Barco’s services shift from reactive to proactive, to further prevent unscheduled downtime with predictive analytics for maintenance actions.

A clear win-win situation

Next to the direct benefits for the customers, the data gathered also has advantages for Barco. The (anonymous) data sets of all parameters, from fan speeds to error messages, provides many insights about the performance of video walls in the field. Using this information, Barco can detect potential points of failure. It allows Barco to tweak and further improve the quality of its products, but also to become proactive in its maintenance efforts. For example, it gives information about critical component temperatures that will lead to panel failure – allowing to plan a maintenance visit before this happens.

Due to the efficiencies inherent in cloud-enabled services, Barco can now offer partners and end customers a discount over standard support contracts if they are willing to step in. Obviously, these efficiencies are only possible if the systems stay connected through the term of the contract. The result is a clear win-win situation, where customers benefit from remote management and a discount, and Barco receives a vast amount of anonymous information for further analysis and product optimization.

EssentialCare for Secure Sites

Because highly secure control rooms require special attention when it comes to hardware lifecycle management and issue resolution, Barco introduces EssentialCare for Secure Sites*. Not only does this offer a swift response to any escalation, but it also answers the complexities of end-of-life hardware handling. These components can contain sensitive information and should therefore never leave the premises. The new EssentialCare for Secure Sites has the needed protocols in place to protect all data on end-of-life hardware.

*For US customers only.

Customers interested in this new SmartCare offering or EssentialCare for Secure Sites can now get in touch with their local Barco sales contact.

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