Inspire and inform in your meeting rooms with digital signage and ClickShare

When not used for conferencing or presenting, your meeting room displays can double up as a digital signage platform, to impress, inspire and inform meeting room guests. 

Convey your brand identity, inform employees, leave a lasting impression on visitors. Reach your workforce and visitors with focused information across the organization in a cost-effective way. *available soon


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From collaboration canvas to digital signage platform 

Use your meeting room displays as a digital signage platform to inform, inspire and engage people with up-to-date, branded information.
The company’s Outlook or Google calendar, presenting meeting room availability
Invites to social or corporate events
Welcome messages to new employees or guests
Weather, news or stock widgets 
Company data dashboards 

Why use ClickShare for your digital signage integrations?

Impress with the right message

With ClickShare as digital signage platform you can bring staff & guest communications to every meeting room. In addition, you can leverage other spaces, such as coffee corners or huddle spaces, where typically digital signage is used, for collaboration. 

Scale and maximize your IT investment

There’s no need for additional hardware investments, the functionality of existing meeting room displays can be extended from presenting and conferencing towards digital signage.

Make content management a breeze

Set-up, configuration, management and content publication across the different meeting locations in your facility is seamless. With the templates in XMS Cloud, ClickShare’s central management solution, you manage digital signage across your facility from one single platform.

How to set up your meeting room for digital signage? 

ClickShare, the agnostic wireless room system, is working together with a growing number of alliance partners to extend its capabilities from presenting and conferencing to digital signage. 


Use the XMS Cloud Management Platform to replace the static image URL by the address of your digital signage player, and you are good to go.

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